www.solepaycard.com – Get Coupon – Credit Card Activation

www.solepaycard.com – Payroll is a famous American express card. This card is used for checks and also paperless and also is direct deposit solutions to companies seeking another paper check. In this company employees and contractors are given their salary instantly with the help of a sole pay card.


www.solepaycard.com – Get Coupon – Credit Card Activation

Some pay celebrated the silence and achieved a total of 100% paperless working. As we know that this card is now closed and not coming but when this card is growing very well from some years ago, then the market rate of this card is very good.


www.solepaycard.com – Get Coupon

If you are the user of a sole pay card and from some accident, your card has been lost or not issued then you are not able to work on a sole pay card then if the situation happens then kindly give a miss call or mail to the head office. Whenever you make shopping or do any payment with the help of this card you will get some coupons or some cashback return with you you can also pay through the online method with the help of a debit card. but as we know that this card is no more this card has been closed.

www.solepaycard.com How to activate your card

to activate your card you can easily activate it from the online-offline method also for the offline method you have to visit a bank take a form from employee and fill in all the details correctly like your name date of birth and all the details you had to go to the bank with your ID proof once you feel all this thing kindly give it to the employee after this in one week you have to come again in the bank and for verification after that in 10 days your bank account and your card will be mailed to you for the online process, you have to kindly visit the official portal of this card and when you visit the official portal you see there is an option of new user and login if you are a new user then kindly click on the new user button after clicking the news and they’re direct you to the new page when you go to the new page you have to register yourself like you have to fill up your names details date of birth and all the important things which is written there. Once you feel all the details upload your ID proof after that click on submit button by this your registration is completed. Once your registration is completed then you will generate your username and password which is used for the further login process. keep in mind that don’t share your user id and password with anyone to keep it secret. This user id and password help you with the login you can easily log in from anywhere through the online method.

www.solepaycard.com To activate your card there are the following steps

  • You have to enter your 16 digit number then after that once you enter your 16 digit number kindly find your card name.
  • is it a Visa card debit card MasterCard kindly find it and fill it in the box
  • then accept the terms and conditions when we accept the terms and conditions kindly click on I am not a robot option after that enter your card expiry date and the card holder’s name? By this, you can activate your card
  • You can also activate your card with the help of a phone. Call the activation number which is given on the card after that give your card number and your details then your card will be activated.

If you are also facing some problems and not able to understand how you can activate your car you can also call the customer care number from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and 7:00 to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. The SMS and call charges apply. You can easily go to the store’s official site and post your query there.

Sole financial phone number

if you find that there is some mistake in your transaction or if you think that this transaction is not done by you you can easily call the phone number which is 800 457 5809 and enter your query phone number and your name you can easily email also and get all the details.

As we know that this card is no more now if you’re having your points and coupon which you cannot use because this card has been closed.

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www.solepaycard.com FAQs

  • What is the last date of the card working?

Answer – The last day of working as the card is 13th June 2020 after that the card has been closed.

  • I have no balance on my card. What happens if my card has been closed?

Answer – If you have any remaining balance on your card you can easily mail it to the customs office and provide you with your remaining balance.

  • After closing the card can I reopen my card?

Answer – No, once the card is closed you can’t be able to reopen your card.

  • What would happen if I did not receive my card and any mail in 45 days?

Answer – If you don’t see any email and don’t receive your card in 45 days then you can easily mail to customer service or leave a voice message at the official number.

  • Can I transfer my money from one account to another account?

Answer – Show you can transfer but after the 13th June 2020 as you know that this card is no more this card has been closed then you are not able to transfer or do any transaction with the help of this card.

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