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www.nusenda.org – nusenda   Bank is the largest bank available in the South Carolina state of the United States. The bank is a subsidiary of a nusenda corporation and according to public data available on the web at present, the bank has 300 branches extended in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and the state of Florida.


www.nusenda.org – Wire Transfer Information – Nusenda Credit Union

The bank was founded in 1936 as the “financial service “. If you are an account holder in the eight third bank and searching for the routing number of the nusenda , you have come to the right place. You will find every required detail and how to follow the process of transferring the money in this article.  Let’s start by ” What is a routing number?” 


What Is The Routing Number

A routing number is a unique digit code that is used by financial institutions to identify themselves. A typical routing number consists of 9 digits. Sometimes, Routing numbers are also known as Routing transit numbers and it is important to note that every financial institution has a unique Routing number or routing transit number.

By using the routing number you can get information about from which branch of the bank, the transaction has taken place. 


How To Find The Routing Number Of Nusenda Bank

If you are thinking about how to find the nusenda   bank’s routing number, you are at the right place. You will find several ways to find the nusenda   Bank routing number in this article. Let’s start with the easiest way using which you can find nusenda bank easily. 


 1.  By using your checkbook: 

you can use your nusenda   bank checkbook which comes with the account opening welcome pack. If you have your checkbook with yourself all you need to do is find the codes printed on the checkbook.

You will find a long list of digits printed on the bottom left side of the checkbook. The first set of numbers are your bank’s routing number and the second set is your account number for the nusenda   bank. 

 2. Visiting the nusenda   bank’s website or Net banking page: 

 You can also get the nusenda   bank’s routing number by visiting the bank’s website. All banks list their routing number on their websites and nusenda   bank is no exception. Or you can log in to your Net banking ID or mobile banking application and can find the routing number. Alternatively, you can also call your bank directly and ask for the routing number. You will get the nusenda   bank routing bank in no time. 

 3. By using the Internet:

There are plenty of websites available on the world wide web, from where you can get publically available details like routing number and branch address at your fingertips. All you need to do is open your device’s browser and type “nusenda   Bank routing number”.

You will find your answers directly in the first search result. In the first search result, you will see the FAQ page for the nusenda   bank and also answer your question. 

 Still, if you are unable to find the nusenda   bank routing number on your own, we have given it here for you. The nusenda   bank routing number is 063114030. 

Difference Between The Routing Number And Account Number

It is important to note that, the routing number is quite different from the account number. While the routing number is used for identifying the bank from which your transaction takes place and the account number is your personal credential which is used to identify the customer associated with the bank. Everywhere in the world, the routing number, and account number denote the same things as mentioned above. 

Similarly, the ABA number which stands for American Bankers Association routing number is used for cheque transfer paper. And the ACH number which is the Automated Clearing House routing number is used for making the electronic transfers.

Both ABA and ACH numbers consist of 9 digits in which the first two digits are attributed to ABA routing which ranges from 00 to 32. In the case of the ACH routing number, it varies from 61 to 72. However, in some cases, both ACH and ABA numbers remain the same, so please check with your nusenda   bank before using these two routing numbers. 

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Let’s Have Some Faqs Before Ending This Piece.

  • What is the incoming domestic wire transfer address for the nusenda   bank? 

Answer: The incoming domestic wire transfer for the nusenda   bank is 

nusenda   Bank, N.A.

1101 First Street South

Winter Haven, FL 33880

ABA or Routing # 063114030

Please note, the routing number is 063114030 for the incoming wire transfers. 

  • What is the incoming International wire transfer for the nusenda   bank? 

Answer: The incoming International wire transfer for the nusenda   bank is as follows

nusenda   Bank, N.A.

400 Interstate North Pkwy, Ste. 1200

Atlanta, GA 30339


BENEFICIARY NAME:  Put the Customer Name in this field.

BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT #: Put the Customer Account Number in this field. 

Reference Information: You Can Also Ass Reference Information On Which Is An Optional Field.

You can get all other relevant information from the nusenda   bank’s website itself. In case you feel the information is inadequate feel free to get in touch with the nusenda   bank’s customer care executive or visit your local nusenda bank branch in which you have an account. 

That’s all for today in nusenda Bank routing number, you can also put down your query here in the comment box. We will reply to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for your patience.

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