– Rewards – How to Activate Your Sole Paycard? – If you complete the procedures, you may activate your card in two ways. Sole pay card activation is available online at, and users may also activate their card over the phone.

Cardholders of the single pay card may take advantage of various perks. As soon as possible, activate the lone pay card. 

SOLE Visa Payroll Card is a payment card for employees offered by Axiom Bank through SOLE Financial Services. Instead of utilizing a paper check, many US-based companies utilize this card to pay their workers’ monthly salaries, increments, or investments to their salary account. – Rewards – How to Activate Your Sole Paycard?

How to Activate Your Sole Paycard

Following the reception of the Sole card, the card must be activated. The best and most straightforward options to activate your Sole Pay Card are shown below.

  • Please complete the essential fields, such as card number, card code, and expiration date, and click the proceed button.
  • If you follow all of the processes, your solo pay card should be authorized in a matter of hours.
  • Sole Pay Over The Phone Number Activation
  • Select the most appropriate language before continuing.
  • Follow your instructor’s directions.
  • It does so after agreeing to the instructor’s terms and conditions.

Benefits and Rewards

If you just received such a card from your employer, you must activate it before using it. And after you’ve activated it, you’ll be able to take advantage of a variety of perks, such as the ability to conduct cashless transactions anywhere in the globe in a matter of seconds. You will also get cashback, discounts, and other great benefits on your purchases if you use this card.

  • We’ll go over all you need to know about SOLE payroll cards, including activation procedures, requirements, and other perks, in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • So, without spending any time, begin reading this article and safely activate your card.
  • Some cards may be used to conduct cashless transactions.
  • You may check the balance of your solitary pay account online or using the mobile app, and you may also pay your bills online.
  • The customer gets the option of enjoying online shopping and cashless purchases, and payment incentives.
  • You may get a 20% discount when you order from a restaurant.

Terms and Condition or Rules

  • Keep your Sole Pay card handy.
  • To join with Sole Pay services, you will need a registered phone number and an email address.
  • Please read the complete procedure before applying.
  • All of the regulations should be strictly adhered to, as shown above.

It would help if you had electronic internet devices such as computers, smartphones, and a reliable internet connection.

  • You’ll also need your driver’s license.
  • A single play card is required for card initiation.
  • You must know the card’s details as well as your personal information.
  • It is necessary to remember a user id and password.
  • These are some of the regulations and limitations that apply to this procedure.


It is one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding businesses. This corporation has 516 stores and more than 152000 workers, all of them are of excellent character.

This article will undoubtedly assist you if you have got a Sole Pay Card (Sole Visa Payroll Card) from your workplace and want to activate it. 

A Sole Pay Card may be activated in two methods, as shown below. You are free to utilize anybody whenever it is convenient for you.


To activate Sole’s payment card, we’ve supplied two options. The Sole pay card may be activated online at, the company’s official website. You can instantly activate your card and start enjoying the perks. 

We’ve attempted to cover all of the essential aspects of the SOLE Visa Payroll Card and its activation processes in this article. 

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  • Is it possible to add money to my single pay card?

Answer – With the aid of Visa ReadyLink, you may load money onto your SOLE Paycard. Insteadthanhan stepping out to the cashing business to get money, it 

  • Is a payment card the same as a debit card?

Answer – Employers hand out the cards to their workers, who use them to deposit paychecks instead of writing checks or utilizing direct deposit.

  • What does a Fintwist card entail?

Answer – Fintwist is a Mastercard payroll card that allows you to cash checks. This card does away with the need for a bank account or a credit check. You do not need to bring any cash with you, and it is secure and straightforward to use.

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