Globalcashcard/activate – Rewards – How to Activate Global Cash Card?

Globalcashcard/activate – Are you looking for a worldwide cash card that can activate? Use the official links below to access the global cash card activation page.

Upon successful worldwide cash card replacement activation, the login page displays. If you’re still having trouble activating your international cash card, check out the troubleshooting options or contact us for assistance.

What is a Global Cash Card, and how does it work? It’s a straightforward method for converting a company’s payroll solution into an utterly paperless spending option.

Globalcashcard/activate – Rewards

Employees have a simple way to access their paychecks, and companies can save nearly $3 per check thanks to electronic money transfers, world-class charity, and cutting-edge technology. Using this cash card, companies protect over $15,000 per week based on the average weekly payroll of current GCC customers.

Have you received a GCC card from your employer? If that’s the case, you’ll need to activate it before you can access the paycheck sent to it. Treat this card like cash so you can take advantage of the flexible spending power it provides when you need it. 

How to Globalcashcard/activate

GCC makes it as easy as possible to create a new account. Make sure you have your cash card with you before going to the GCC’s online activation gateway. You’ll need to enter your old card’s number as well as the new card’s expiry date.

You must also enter security text to demonstrate that you are using the computer. After that, click the proceed button to complete setting up your online account. That’s how simple it is to activate your GCC card through the internet.

It is valid for your newly issued customized MasterCard or Visa card. It does not apply to the immediate issue payment cards that your company may have given you as part of your compensation. However, preserve your rapid-issue pay card since it may serve as a backup card if you misplace the customized MasterCard or Visa card you’re activating today.

Benefits and Rewards

  • You can access your payroll information and manage it online at any time.
  • You can automatically enroll in the Global Cash Card’s Rewards programs to receive substantial discounts on health insurance, travel, entertainment, restaurants, and more.
  • You may use the card anyplace VISA or MasterCard is accepted, and you can withdraw money from millions of ATMs throughout the globe.
  • You can use the card to get a direct deposit of your tax refund.
  • Employees who sign up for the Global Cash Card program can enter a currently running sweepstakes. To earn up to $3,500 in cash, you must make ten transactions every month.

Global Cash Card is a member of the PerksCard Network and works with MasterCard’s Priceless Cities. You may also use their mobile access programs to activate Global Cash Card perks.

Global Cash Card also offers incentive cards, gift cards, per diem cards, and government cards in addition to payroll cards. The activation procedure is the same for all cards and maybe online.

Terms and Condition or Rules

To activate your Global cash card online, you’ll need the following information.

  • is the web portal for activating your Global Cash Card.
  • The institution requires that you have a card.

Details about your credit card number, such as;

  • The card’s number.
  • Expiration date.

CCV is an acronym that stands for “continuous (Possibly).

  • Login to your global cash card account, which includes:
  • A username or User ID to describe a person’s identity.
  • Password.

About Globalcashcard/activate

If your company has given you a new Global Cash Card, it implies that all of your paychecks will be paid straight into your account using the card. To start using the card correctly, go to and follow the steps to activate it.

You may activate your card by contacting customer care over the phone and asking to start it. However, you will be asked specific details throughout the request process, such as your card number, CCV, Global cash card account information, and so on.


Your employer will provide you with a Global Cash Card in most cases. It’s a payroll solution for companies that don’t want to send out paper paychecks but have employees who don’t have access to a bank account that allows direct deposit.

To access the money deposited on the payment card with the Global Cash Card, activate must follow new card procedures. When the card is issued, each employee must follow the activation procedures. Employers are unable to activate their employees’ Pay cards.

Once the Global Cash Card activation procedures, the card can be branded with Visa or MasterCard. Both credit card processors’ Zero Liability policies apply to these cards. With this pay card option, you will also receive these additional benefits.

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Globalcashcard/activate FAQs

  • What is the procedure for applying for a global cash card at Emirates NBD?

Answer – Customers of Emirates NBD may apply for the GlobalCash Card through online or mobile banking and pick up the card at their local location. Non-Emirates NBD customers may apply for a GlobalCash Card by bringing proper identification to any Emirates NBD branch.

  • What is the SBI global international debit card used for?

Answer – SBI Global International Debit Card (RuPay / MasterCard / VISA) may shop at over 52 lakh merchant outlets in India and over 30 million globally. For purchasing and paying for movie tickets, bills, vacation, and other online purchases and payments.

  • What is MasterCard global service, and how does it work?

Answer – You can rely on Mastercard® Global ServiceTM for emergency cash services no matter where you go. Take advantage of unique opportunities and experiences in places all around the globe. Hundreds of complementary deals are available around the Middle East and Africa, including eating, spas, attractions, and more.

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